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Re: What if ??

Farmers have perseverance, the "first 3 bad years) if a farmer`s truck is broken down and can`t afford to fix it, he`ll pull gravity wagons out of the grove and use them, get higher operating loans, plant cheaper seed and somehow make those 3 bad years.   When it gets beyond the 3 years, it gets more tricky to survive, the wagons are getting even more worn out, the tractor pulling the wagons gets more wear & tear, the cutting of inputs take a toll on individual yield.  And that higher operating note that actually masked living expenses is getting harder to pay or maybe can`t and another 80 has to be mortgaged to cover.  Some will swallow hard and do it believing that "the Sun will come out tomorrow♪ bet ur bottom dollar".


But 10 more years of bad?  There has to be a yield cutting disaster that will bail the farmer out in spite of himself, doesn`t there?  If not and we are continued to be blessed with 10 more over tend/below cost of production crops.  There will have to be flies dropping off and not just in this country, one has to think that $7 corn made a lot of 3rd world swamp holes profitable to use the stick in the mud planting technique, now with <$3 corn..."Aw let the water buffalo graze it".