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Re: What if ??

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COP goes down.   Technology slows and IMO needs to for a couple of decades.   But probably will not.......... It will probably just serve those who can afford it.


Crop choices are fewer and cheaper forage type crops...... wheat as a multi use crop lives on....But not for the Food giants that own seed tech.

Cattle harvest instead of stand in a lot with expensive feed procession.

Young leave the farm for robotic jobs, or trade jobs---- or the best social programs

Poverty goes back to rural america and food supply takes on new meaning.

Security becomes a real issue.... locking the bin doors?

Life expectancy declines.



IMO,  three issues weigh on our next ten years and beyond ........ Lets see how they go.........

1.) the political change that follows twenty years of "Utopia" promises and their social damage(in dog years)...... England, US, and now France have voted against their established political parties.  That is a sign of a real disconnect in politics......memories of "let them eat cake"??  And the "Environment" with no concern for the publics environment.

2).  The World wide Debt,  is there enough economic potential world wide to pay it, or  avoid its damage...can technology continue to carry it?... etc etc....

3).   The Worlds Unhappy and Unemployed(poverty extremes between haves and have nots,, like in the years preceding WW1)------- as technology proves to be able to feed the world with far less producers........ our spoiled protesters could get overshadowed when the Iphone bills can't be paid.


Avoiding the crash of 2008 on a credit card is going to have a long hangover with side affects. 


It is not far fetched thinking to see $20/ bushel corn and still be in trouble financially.  Or we see unemployment levels in farming that reflect our city neighbors.  After all it doesn't take much skill to raise corn these days.