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Re: What if ??

Surely jim is refering to that time when production drops off-----2 thinks are different this time,  1   I think we have seen expenses move to a level that don't allow belt tightening.  2.    biggest factor........ 75+ %(some say 80%) of the production is being done by less than 10% of the farms and we are not raising new generations of farmers that can step into that even when it is broken up.  Technology is going to keep the production model much larger than 50 years ago.  Either by technology's performance or its cost.

Until the computer tech boom the corps could not have done it...... now they can.  The world will stand in line for those jobs.  

Never makes sense to me why farmers would vote for open borders.  Think about it.  


One thing holding the US back ag. wise is a very expensive labor force compared to other areas of the world.(when costs like education, healthcare, insurance, transportation, housing, etc are included.) ---- Litigation also............!!

why else do we need to look at drone deliveries and automated trucks, driverless tractors --- otherwise we don't compete. 

Profit and productivity is still the motive.  Even if it all goes to the Chairman of the Party.