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Re: When Will We See $6 Corn?

Kaye - interesting aricle in '' The Progress - Index '' about Stoney Creek event  --- 

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Re: When Will We See $6 Corn?


  I don't think the market gives 2 hoots about our cost of production. I suppose if we had run away inflation it could have some impact on price. Govt. policy, drought causing a supply interruption will have more of impact reaching 6.00 again versus inflation.

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Re: When Will We See $6 Corn?

denny you have to make the connection..... Loan rate and ins do not guarantee anything close to cost of production.  A position we have not been in before....  Production will drop,,,, loans will go unpaid......  Acres will be reduced.   COP will make that happen.....

The markets do care about supply...

Too much of these 13B crops come from lower production areas....

The I states are raising only 6-7B of that crop

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