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When a contract is not a contract

learned that program payment will be cut due to sequestration. All of the payments will suffer a sequestered cut of 7.3% for 2014/15 and 2015/16 payments.  The sequestered cut for 2016/17 is 6.8%.


copied from a news release from KSU.

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BA Deere
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Re: When a contract is not a contract

SW, there`s alot of fine print in these government programs, if a guy really read it you probably wouldn`t go in...but we`re pawns on their chess board anyway so might as well, take any money that they pay out when they do and just be thankful that we don`t get dinged more than 7%. 


A few years ago, I think "Graham-Rudman" did the same thing.  I remembe years ago the folks had a farm in CRP and the payment was coming late that fall and Iowa Congressman Fred Grandy (Love Boat, Gopher) came around explaining that in the fine print the "payments are made when funds are available" Well that is the outfit that we are making contracts with.  


I don`t think they`d be as accommodating if we sent our taxes in "when the funds are available" or because of low prices we sequester our tax payments by 7%.    🙂

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