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When is it gonna catch up to input sellers?

Seems to me inputers have rode the "Bull" about 3 years longer than us farmers.  Sending out invitations in September to "save 10% on seed if you pay by October 15th"  meanwhile our what we sell is down 50%-60%.  They`ve maintained their price integrity remarkably well selling to the deadmen walking. 


Seems to me if value of what a $250 bag of seed produces drops in half, then they should drop THEIR price in half as well instead of offering the same "10% discount"  that they did when corn was $7.  Perhaps their comeuppance is right around the corner, seed dealer`s lots aren`t packed, plenty of parking and fresh virgin snow up to the door of the dealer`s shed.


It seems coops have been busy spreading high priced fertilizer.  In this low yield area, the "ding ding" of tender trucks going over the scale out numbers the "ding ding" of farmers hauling grain in.


The tilers are busy, pattern tiling like cash corn is still $7, I don`t know if it`s a case where a landlord tiles in exchange for not dropping the rent or what.  But pattern tile pays...however when you`re at below cost of production prices? 


Driving through Hayfield Minnesota, a guy that was with me saw the corn pile in a ring "oh my they got a lot of corn here", not really there`s supposed to be 3 piles like that in a average year, I doubt they`ll bother even covering it.  Ventura 5 Star as well, pile it on the ground and shortly haul it away, not like a lot of years scrambling to get it moved in March.