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Re: When is it gonna catch up to input sellers?

I don`t think seed companies can drop prices, too much investment and new pickups for company reps.  They`re all in the same boat, either we buy at their gimmick prices or they`ll go broke and Monsanto will gobble them up and keep prices high.  Actually a new seed company, without the burden of all the fancy bricks and mortar could come in and do well selling $150 seed, I would think. 


On the "other site" someone brought up the old "Fielders Choice" that was a good company, good seed at reasonable price, but got bought out.  I recall Mike the one that started the company sent out a vcr tape explaining how they get university genetics like the big boys and in their breeding production, he explained how they do it more efficiently and pass the savings to the farmer.  But the distribution was unique in that a farmer with a big shed would receive all the seed ordered in the area and everyone had 2 or 3 days to pick up their seed.  I thought it worked rather well and not all the middlemen taking their cut.


What I didn`t like is if I ordered 105 day seed and bad weather caused me to need 95 day seed, it was more complicated to getting the earlier seed.  But don`t order 105 day, order 100 day and don`t buy all your seed from them was the answer.   Smiley Happy