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Re: When is it gonna catch up to input sellers?

The "Machinery Pete crowd" always says, "good used stuff is bringing a premium".  It was that way when corn was $7 and now when it`s $3, except I wonder who has money to do anything other than thread water with farm income where it is.  Perhaps, they see "land ho!" up in the crow`s nest and their banker isn`t a flat earther   Of course those that don`t leave port, might sail again another day.


I`ve went by dealers that have hardly any inventory to those that have nearly a full lot.  You don`t see dealers with 9500 or older combines.  It`s kind of funny, the bread & butter for some of these dealers is selling parts and making service calls for a guy with a why not get in the "good used" inventory?  Put mechanics to work on a good 7720 Titan II and try and peddle it for $35,000.   I would think in some areas it would move faster than a s690 with 1,000hrs for $220,000.   Those that can write a $200,000 check are a lot rarer than those that can budget $35,000.  But they don`t want to get out of their chair for less than a $100,000 sale