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Re: Farm Tires

Tires are a puzzler, many tires these days are special order.  I have a center dump wagon on truck tires (don`t recall the size) but I didn`t have a spare and went to the tire shop figuring if I use it, I better have a spare, don`t want to be on the highway on a Sunday afternoon and a blown tire with no spare.   Well it was a special order tire and rim that took a couple days.   


I shouldn`t broadcast this on the internet, but 20.8 38" good used tires are rare as hens teeth.  One would think with Chinese imports, tires would be cheap as flat screen tv`s.  


i do most of my own tire repair, except vehicles, but I think it`s hard to find help at those places, they can`t pay workers good enough.  More farmers do their own these days.  And dozens more sizes combine tires, sprayer tires even pickup tires it`s hard to keep inventory.  And when you need a tire, you need it now, if it means driving to Des Moines to get it a day sooner, you`ll do it.