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Re: When is it gonna catch up to input sellers?

The "Machinery Pete crowd" always says, "good used stuff is bringing a premium".  It was that way when corn was $7 and now when it`s $3, except I wonder who has money to do anything other than thread water with farm income where it is.  Perhaps, they see "land ho!" up in the crow`s nest and their banker isn`t a flat earther   Of course those that don`t leave port, might sail again another day.


I`ve went by dealers that have hardly any inventory to those that have nearly a full lot.  You don`t see dealers with 9500 or older combines.  It`s kind of funny, the bread & butter for some of these dealers is selling parts and making service calls for a guy with a why not get in the "good used" inventory?  Put mechanics to work on a good 7720 Titan II and try and peddle it for $35,000.   I would think in some areas it would move faster than a s690 with 1,000hrs for $220,000.   Those that can write a $200,000 check are a lot rarer than those that can budget $35,000.  But they don`t want to get out of their chair for less than a $100,000 sale

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Re: When is it gonna catch up to input sellers?

I went to a sale last week where late model JD tractors brought good money.  34' grain trailers went well.  The only thing that sold a little low as a 9620 (or whatever the number is) combine that went for $65,000.  The range of prices of various equipment went well with only one or two exceptions (a planter and a nitrogen applicator went cheap).  It was auctioned on line as well but all but one item was sold to a local.  

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Farm Tires

was thinking about your post on inputs, and one item that really double, tripled, and more is farm tires. With Oil way down, and farm profits evaporated, how long until tires come back to reality?


Repairs at implement dealerships are another cost that went way up...I wonder when the dealerships streamline their repair abilities and offer big discounts to get some business.

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Re: Farm Tires

Tires are a puzzler, many tires these days are special order.  I have a center dump wagon on truck tires (don`t recall the size) but I didn`t have a spare and went to the tire shop figuring if I use it, I better have a spare, don`t want to be on the highway on a Sunday afternoon and a blown tire with no spare.   Well it was a special order tire and rim that took a couple days.   


I shouldn`t broadcast this on the internet, but 20.8 38" good used tires are rare as hens teeth.  One would think with Chinese imports, tires would be cheap as flat screen tv`s.  


i do most of my own tire repair, except vehicles, but I think it`s hard to find help at those places, they can`t pay workers good enough.  More farmers do their own these days.  And dozens more sizes combine tires, sprayer tires even pickup tires it`s hard to keep inventory.  And when you need a tire, you need it now, if it means driving to Des Moines to get it a day sooner, you`ll do it.

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Hydraulic hose

Have you kept track of hydraulic hose prices?  Used to go for $ .20 per inch, now more than $ .46.  Plus fittings.  3/8”, 2 wire.

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