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Re: So what's the solution kraft t

So what shoud the top rate be kraft t. I once read a peoples history ot the United States by Howand Zinn. Zinn was a socialist much like you. But I wonder what Zinn would think about taking money from middle class to give to 10,000 acre farmers. Thats the problem with liberalism, you guys never take the next step, sure it would be nice to provide for everyone but it's not possible.  And I don't think that asking school teachers to pay for 12 percent of their healthcare is unreasonable. As far as Eisenhower we we're just coming out of World war 2. And hardly anyone paid that 92 percent. As far as standard of living we have the highest standard of living in the world. And oh by the way we have spent millions in south Chicago (your leaders home) to make things better, do you think that is working. Throwing money at problems fixes nothing. Hope these teachers stay slaves to their unions, because they are only lining the pockets of the unions, there lives won't get better. By the way everyone should read Zinns book its very well written, and everybodies got a little socialism in them.

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