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Re: Where To Save $100 Per Acre

Another suggestion i will make is that you consider allowing hunting. I know of two national companies that are in the business. Some states have hunting programs, but the payment levels are lower, and you can not decide who hunts, and not limit. we got into that for a while, and basicly one group would come in, then another than another than another, they basicly wiped everything out. With the private, you limit how many people, and you have final say if they lease or not. if you don't like the way they comb their hair, you can say no. usually, the lease runs from $5 to $10 and acre, really prime might push $15 an acre, usually the company gets 10% i know this can be a mixed subject, but just look at it this way, if you had 500 acres, and get $10 an acre, and you limit the people and the number, that's about $4500 a year.......nice help on the taxes, or electric and propane bills (at least they will not be big this year with $1 propane), or help on the medical insurance, or help make the pickup payment, or the wife's mini van to haul the kids around in. I know it's not easy to do it, you want only yourself and family and friends....but in some contracts, something can be worked out.