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Where is the best row crop ground in Oklahoma?

I've done a little computer research but most of what is advertised is ranch land or grassland. Bixby seems to have some good dirt but it is used mostly for Sod and produce production Near the urban centers it would be too pricey every one thinks their land has development potential.



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Re: Where is the best row crop ground in Oklahoma?

From whatlimited areas I've seen, I'd say north east or north central OK.  North central would be a row crop, wheat rotation utilizing no-till.  If you can find some river bottom land, that looks pretty good to me, but that would be a limited amount.  With newer genetics and no-till farming, SE Kansas is  producing some pretty respectable corn and bean yileds.  Course it's not as consistent as Iowa!!  The OK panhandle has some good productive land, but the water for irrigation may have a limited lifetime.  I think the key is no-till to conserve all the available precip, along with new drought tolerant genetics. 

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