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Where to from here?

The neoliberal ag project was moving along like a bullet train but then did what bullet trains do when they go off the rails.

What now?

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Re: Where to from here?

If one does the math on corn price for dec. you will find the spring ins. Price of 3.88 to be hard to match. If you take yield of 200 multiplied by 80% you get 160 times 3:88=620:00. The current dec price of 3:30 times 200 =660:00 but you must handle haul,dry and deliver at your basis to get your final price and it is well below 620.00. So the thing to remember is keep cost as low as possible and don’t worry aBout yield. This is a chance to reduce carryover at no more cost to us than we have already suffered. Don’t spend any more money!!


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Re: Where to from here?

I think CRP signup will be expanded and a capitulation towards a "supply management" farm program.  The CRP is a graceful way to exit farming and let the Big Boys have it,.  Over the 10 yrs of CRP contract, the 60yr old farmer will go from dreams of keeping machinery in good shape for when the contract expires and "return of $8 corn"  to realizing that he`ll be 70 and slowly start selling  off machinery on Craigs List and consignment auctions. 

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