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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Who Has Clout On Capitol Hill?

The Hill, a newspaper in Washington, D.C., put out it's list of top 2013 lobbyists.


Who do you thnk made it for agriculture?  ADM?  Cargill?  Farm Bureau?  National Corn Growers?


Nope, none of the above.  


From my reading, there was one and only one group that affected agriculture policy that is listed as a top lobbyist.


Ken Cook, Environemental Working Group.


Check it out for yourself and add any other ag voices  you find.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Who Has Clout On Capitol Hill?

Found one more...Mary Kay Thatcher...Amer. Farm Bureau. Probably about as much representation as 2% of the people can expect from groups other than their elected reps.    John

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Re: Who Has Clout On Capitol Hill?

John your right-------- You have to deliver one of two things--------- Large campaign funding or many votes ----- Ag does neither.





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