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Why I Support The Soda Tax

Seattle became the 8th major US city to impose a tax on sugary drinks.


I like that, just as I like sales and use taxes.  All I have to do to avoid the tax is not consume the produce.  I drink a lot of pop but it's all diet.


The general trend for "sin taxes" is they not only address the sin but they are also siphoned off into the general fund.  You beer and whiskey drinkers, smokes and dippers are keeping my income and property tax from increasing, and I thank you for it.  And, you're dying sooner so you leave more of your entitlements in the social security pot for me to draw from.


Evil is good when it pays, as long as I'm not paying.

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Re: Why I Support The Soda Tax



Could not agree with you more today. I have long been an enthusiastic and staunch advocate for raising any and all taxes that do not apply to me. When someone else is paying, what is not to love about conversations demanding "that other people pay their fair share?" Good stuff!


Needless to say, I always wish to be at the front of the government line when it comes to "just getting what's coming to me." It is only fair, right?