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Winding down tax season, looking ahead?

The returns and vouchers all went in on time, a few ahead of time. All of the annual reports to our Secretary of State have been filed and paid online. Listed equipment in NC, and had no real physical improvements to report, for the first time in twenty years, on the real estate taxes.

About all that's left is funding the IRAs and HSA. I plan to do that work this week or the next. Hate writing those checks, even though it is just moving money around into different accounts, really. It just makes the money seem hidden from ourselves. Maybe that's the point.

Another year in the record books. It was a very good one for us financially. Still holding onto the new estate plan, just not satisfied with it. I know we need to tweak a couple of things. Wondering what the rest of this year will bring...just hoping it is somewhere near as good as the last one. You never know.

Everyone else wrapping up 2013 by now? What big goals and dreams are you hatching in 2014? Or, like us, are you just hoping to hold it steady this year?