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Women Ag Leaders

"seven women have taken office in the top state agriculture jobs in Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Ohio, Oklahoma and South Dakota. Women also lead the ag departments in California, Idaho, Missouri, Oregon, Utah and Virginia, "


As I look around locally, I see an increasing number of younger women selling seed, chemicals, as GPS techs, extension agents, ag lenders  and so forth.  In fact, it's getting unusual to see a young man in these jobs.  For the most part, it is my impression that the women are getting these jobs because they work harder, are more service-oriented and more customer oriented.


We all know male seed, fertilizer, chemical salesmen who never spent much time in the field.


What difference does it make to have women increasingly active in the point-of-sales aspect of agriculture?  Does it make any at all?


What difference does it make if women who never used a pitchfork are the state Ag Secretary?  Do you need to know anything about farming to be a good state ag leader?