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Worker's Comp Audit?

Our farmowner's policy always had some salary protection for our employees in it, but due to a huge lawsuit with our integrator and a contract grower's employee taking a disastrous fall, we ended up being instructed to carry comp last year.  Forked out a couple grand, and then did it again this, not a dealbreaker, just another aggravating cost of doing business. 

Opened my mail yesterday to find a notice that my books will be auditted by some guy I'd never heard of, with a list of maybe ten different categories of stuff, much of which has nothing to do with payroll.  Not a very professional-looking notice, no letterhead, just a photocopy. 

Set a date (my birthday - Happy Birthday to me, I guess!) and time without asking, and said to leave my books with a responsible party if I cannot attend.  Fat chance. 

I understand that comp is a pool of insurance, and that there is some interest in seeing that employers adequately cover their employees; but, it would seem someone who is conducting such business could afford a real letterhead.  Looked like something on the order of a scam to me. 

Is this how comp audits are done?