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Re: Worker's Comp Audit?

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In my state  I don't have to carry a separate comp policy because I only have one employee and he is covered by my farm policy with a separate disability policy.  He is actually covered better for less because hthe disability policy covers him 24/7..


I think if I were you I would contact whomever I get my comp through and ask for a verification this is legitimate.


What type of info are they asking for?  My former employer got audited by Workman's Comp one time and they tried to reclassify mosts employees to a higher rate job description.  It took him some arguing to keep from really gettting expensive.  They wanted to rate the service guys as sheet metal workers with a 23% rate.


I just sent Social Security a response yesterday.  They asked for verification of income of my employee.  I told them I had filed all that information in a timely manner with the IRS and with new privacy laws I was not comfortable releasing anything without a signed consent from him.  They have not responded yet.