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Re: Not a big deal

Thanks for the input.  I tried to reach my agent, but he had left for the day.  I REALLY hate to say this but the women in that office are not very informative. 

I understand the reason, and the math, but this was the most unprofessional mailing I have ever received from a supposed professional, and it was basically demanding access to a lot of records that have nothing to do with payroll. 

I did follow with the insurance carrier's customer service, and they did claim the guy.  That lady did say she wished to see the mailing, which was what really put me off.  I dropped it into the mail to her this morning. 

In retrospect, I am glad we did some reorganization a couple of years ago, and the actual employer entity is very limited as to what it shows in terms of our assets and access to other info on our family and even our personal identities.  I have accepted that this has to be done, just wish he was more gentlemanly in asking for an appointment, and more precise about its timing.  I hate to sit around for half a day waiting for someone I do not really want to see....most especially when it's my birthday.