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Re: Not a big deal

Mike, there was a printed checklist of twelve things, I think, and he'd checked nine of them.  I did drop it in the mail to the customer service rep for the carrier, as she requested, yesterday, so cannot go back and refer to it. 

It was way more invasive than payroll records.  Fortunately, I have those fairly well isolated from the rest of our enterprises.  I ought to be able to show him one ledger, last year's 943/w-3, and that is about all he needs to verify what I paid people for the coverage period. 

I am reconciled to spending my early morning of my birthday with him this year.  At least he's not giving me irrigation equipment for my present, which is what I used to get every year...this year, it's new interior walls for my hog houses.   Could have had my Cooper Mini S for those!!!!