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Yes, Virginia,...

...there IS a Santa Claus! The VA GOP has apparently just announced that Newt Gingrich has failed to submit the required signatures for entry into the 2012 GOP primary. This makes me SO proud to hail from the great Commonwealth of Virginia. Rick Perry's failure to qualify is just icing on my fruitcake today. This says to me that either these two campaigns are extremely poorly organized, or that the folks back home can smell a rat better than most Americans. If you can't scrape up ten thousand signatures, you ain't much, especially when we are talking your chances of making it to the White House. I am not " for" a Republican candidate yet; but, I have certainly been " against" these two, as well as the joke that was the Herman Cain Train. Let's hope that someone with soke sense and a set or morals will finally emerge, so this awful caricature of a campaign can end.
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Re: Yes, Virginia,...

Getting a little late for a new candidate to step forward.

I think Santorum seems the most sensible.

Just as long as we don't settle for another McCain!

Doesn't really matter; Obama's $billions in his war chest and the media will crucify (a little Easter lingo) any GOP canidate.

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