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Re: You Owe Me A Living!

K-289, my success is nothing special and could be failure tomorrow. Most people are not willing to go above and beyond, most people do just enough to get by. So why should we then champion that attitude by setting limits on production? 


BTW, I have two good friends that had trucking companies. Both friends will tell you that when they started hiring a few employees to drive for them is when things went bad. I don't want the headache of finding loads and fixing broken equipment for careless drivers.

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Re: You Owe Me A Living!

I wasn’t engaging in that part of the conversation.. Just asking what I asked. Your answer to that specificlyb was silly, if nothing else.


As for the actual issue addressed by Jim in the header, we are so far out the barn and down the road of unrestrained consolidation and deeply protected financialization that any conduits that may have existed for government to do anything  that might help some modest franchise to become profitable or avoid being consumed are crimped off..


The creation of those regional Ag “banks” out of the offal of the old FCS, and now the consolidation of them was a tip-off.  The old system was a capillary of The Treasury.   Which allowed for some flexibility, as horribly as that was abused in some branches. Not now. 


Don’t worry too much about controls or quotas creeping up on you.  It’s bushels and pounds. The name on the invoice or on the check just that many more bytes on a wire. Your straw hat and bib overalls if you chose to dig them out might get you on local TV, but they ain’t gonna hold any hearings in Congress or State House because they don’t really have anything to talk about.

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Re: You Owe Me A Living!

WeLLLL    Thinking  those  B  T  O   labels  running  up  and  down  the  road  have  spirited  all  their  goings  on  without  political - lollie pops - one  might  re- evaluate  those  thoughts - - -


I  agree,  keeping  an  eye  on  a  business  investment  500  miles  afar , has  challenging   moments - - -     

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Re: You Owe Me A Living!

Both agri production and agri consumption àre quasi govt institutes now.


Half of all USA Agri goods consumption is purchased with EBT cards. 


Most agri production is subsidized with various ways and govt means,