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Re: Your 2019 Outlook?

Hey Red, I finished my income taxes and my operation was was in the black on average $100/acre thanks to livestock...I`m in no way bragging because without 2 1/2 sources of outside income, we wouldn`t have anything to live off.  2018 was my worst year based on yield and relative market price, kind of getting way back to the 1991 & 1993 years of halloween ice storms and such to have a worse year overall.  


My problem aside from `18 poor local yields and "bottom 1/3 marketing"  I bought too much machinery in the unrealistic good times and now paying it off with $3 corn and 50 bushel below trend yields, it`s taking longer than was planned when corn was $5+ but that`s my bad. Stuff happens and someone with my gray hair should`ve better anticipated.  All that and I had 2 kids in college at the same time....ouch baby!   Now it`s just one, I think we can handle that   Smiley Happy