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Your kidding...,.right ?

Oh my...two good ones in a single day..
""Fine planting weather fallowed by dry weather""
I have to give full disclosure, I didnt read it, but
Looking at the high plains not quite right, it's
Already dry. Note to self, dry wx after planting
Not good.
((Should mean higher prices for our grains))

Now this one is truly a masterpiece

""Precision agriculture connectivity act 2018""
The key is to get high speed internet to rural
America so we can use procession agriculture,
Witch will save us $25 an acre and produce
70% more !!!

Really ??

From what I've looked at the Y2K stuff, that will
Be plus or minus an inch or two over a years
Time, has very little to do with internet other than
Some systems that enable you use a mobile
Hot spot and feed into a radio, that goes your
Tractor with a correction signal. Other systems
Use cell phone signal and others use satilite.
Anyway you slice it, at least $10,000

Local dealer tells me only 3 farmers here use
Cost is reason.
How having faster internet is going to make it

Now the economics of's going to cut our
Cost by $25 ???
Second will yeild 70% we really
Need that ?!?
We are over supplied to make a guess
Where commodity prices will be with 70% more
Grain !!!!

Do you think that $25 ac cost reduction, will
Offset the drop in income ??

Some of you Republicans better hope the Democrats
Win the vote on that one
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Re: Your kidding...,.right ?

 The word ''' Save '''  seems  to  have  evolved  to a different mind set of meaning, origin of intent, & last although not least curious word smith-ing  ---


The conversation of late , being the salvation of agriculture, not the preservation of rural assets withstanding - of course ---


''Save''  in  comparison  to  the  word '' conservative '' has had quite an ''evolution '' leading to the exclusively to the word '''shift''' without rebuttal ---


Phrase replacement of the F_eding the _orld  maybe  as of late - proceed with caution with open eye's - not open check book, maybe ?        

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Re: Your kidding...,.right ?

Cheapo -  Maybe those scripts from the  '' Jetsons ''  could  give us some insights ?  WARNING  - Unoccupied heavy equipment in use, might bring a new meaning to the word ''liability'' ? ? 


Another curve to this might be robotic,  senators,  legislatures,  and a highway patrol car to enforce your driverless automobile ? ?       

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Re: Your kidding...,.right ?

We will need those patrolmen because all the retirees will still be there on motorcycles....


Save ....... you mean as the way "save" has come to mean public ownership and/or regulated control in saving property, environment, wildlife etc etc .... from the greedy mismanagement of private ownership.


Sometimes i think property tax revenues are what keeps alive the property ownership rights outside the supreme court.

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Re: Your kidding...,.right ?

CUT  YOUR  TAXES  -  like save   U   $$$$  -  example being , Topeka ,  a fine conservative  example - maybe ? ?


My relatives in Barton & Douglas County Ks are some what unsettled about things in Topeka, and they vote straight - conservative in prior elections---


Also  they  are reexamining  some  '' Libertarian '' business - ideals ? ?    






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Re: Your kidding...,.right ?

Libertarian ideals are hard to live by in the ever increasing government intervention into private life.


As you know kansas can be defined not only by counties but by ethnic and religious communities still active from homestead days, active in church and schools(public and private).  A pretty short list of one family heir owners on lots of land in a large % of kansas with homesteading still going on into the 1900's.  Libertarian/independent ideals abound.  

Combine that background with the growth and struggles of State Government to manage its responsibilities and you'll find a lot of conflicted thought.

Struggles including KPERS mismanagement  (the fund that includes all local and state employees retirement and all public education retirements.)  An ongoing problem for state government.

               The takeover of K-12 public education funding from local tax districts to state pooling.  Purposely trying to correct the fact that some school districts had more tax base than other school districts by pooling funds and redistributing with a new state bureaucracy and increased administrative bureaucracy within school districts.  This was complicated by the increasing mandating from the "Federal" expansion in regulating public schools............ Suddenly every school district is poorly funded. even the State supreme court agrees with that.  Most libertarian leaners know that education is not a totally a $$$$ issue... so we have a hard time with this mess.

              The change of property taxes from resale value basis to "land use value" formulas...........depressed property values for taxation in much of western ks.   Seeking fairness and increased revenue,,, the formula system was poorly designed and poorly applied.... so for 25 years property taxes in rural agriculture kansas lost revenue and now has a messed up system that varies, Is not true to the law, and is a hybrid of two or three theories and becomes unexplainable in several counties.  Complicating tax base is the decline of oil and especially gas companies and employees  in the state which in some areas once carried high % of the tax base.  

              Changes in economy...... We loose gas and oil companies and build wind energy .... one payed property taxes the other is exempt...  Ethanol plants...... exempt from taxes.   coal fired energy plants........ blocked from construction would have paid taxes, provided backup energy to wind energy and supplied transmission facilities for Wind energy.  No taxes and more exempt construction needed.  New construction in cattle feeding is nearly impossible with EPA regs. so no new taxes there.

               Just a few reasons Topeka has funding issues.  The KSCourt decision that the state is not funding schools enough according to the law...... is just a clue into the mess the state has committed itself to.  Kansas continues to look to payroll earnings for a prime tax base as the size and payrolls of most of its municipalities decline in residents and employers.  Kansas just does not have the manufacturing base that the states to the north have.  Yet we will complain and picket against new industry across the state when they buy and use ag products like Tyson and give tax exemptions to cellulosic ethanol..... a still unproven idea............

And once again this week in stevens county ks we are fighting fires (for a week now) at the storage location of multi thousands of bales of corn stalks and wheat straw abandoned by the failed ethanol plant..... at local property tax expense.


Many of us are not happy with the infusion of government in economic activity.


Newly found dinosaurs, we are.





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Re: Your kidding...,.right ?

Seems  the  ''' tax  cut '''  - relief in the sunflower state was destine to fail , with all of this negativity provenance ---


To the north of your location, states are also embroiled in ''' tax shifting ''' , with ideas of changing to a property formula of production capability rather than retail assessment - go figure ---


Payroll earnings taxes have arrived at the '' arena of doom ''  in the world of inflationary taxation formula's, while in tandem of deflationary wage scale landscape---


The deals of being '' exempt '' have very complicated runner roots that seem to sprout in unforeseen time frames with a blurring wrath ---         

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Re: Your kidding...,.right ?

yes............. it is insane to take away the one last test for a new industry........ Will it pay the taxes?

First clue to "Is this a bogus and stupid idea?" should be ........ do we have to give it tax relief or federal grants to make it work financially...????


The idea that it is what we should do even though we cant afford it-- should be classified as a mental condition without voting rights.


If we have to pile the whole of the earths environment on the scales in order to make the costs balance out we should know better.


on ks.......... I did not mention the governors tax relief plan...... and it probably actually worked as far as stimulating investment and job creation.... what I listed were a few of the things that were stacked against him and the creation of predicessor.  But that property tax formula thing was a bad joke and I don't think any administration has realized that agriculture is not a cash cow.

The production side of farm land over the years breaks even most years... It is the inflation and speculation that increases value.

Like changing housing property taxes from resale value to appraising it by its utility bills... and never figuring out the mistake.



stevens county ks for instance saw declining property taxes through the years when gas companies(who had formerly paid 70%of the county wide tax bill) moved out and devalued.  All because of land use value taxation.  The primary funding for schools....   Yet at the same time the state started collecting all school funds then redistributing them...making it very dificult to evaluate property tax changes until the shortage is a monster..

And all the mouthpieces like teachers unions can do is blame the new governor who is trying to stimulate tax revenues that got dismantled ahead of him........ so she could go to washington and promote more expensive answers to imaginary problems.  just one of many careers built on federal deficit spending.

A luxury that kansas does not have especially when it has a bankrupt KPRS Fund it is trying to fund back into liquidity.  An old and ongoing deficit spending project.  A Fund that those teachers and employees did not fund properly from the start.  Yet their voices fall directly into that comment in red above.


States to the north....... We are now largely uneducated urban populations(in ks two municipalities can out vote the rest of the state) as a voting block and after decades of class envy most voters look to another class to blame or pay the bill.  We are so disconnected from farming we live in nostalgia and a false sence of reality....Three minor classes of financially intelligent face huge responsibility in the political eye of the public.... land owners, large corporations, and the investor wealthy(already paying the majority of taxes)................................. Farmers are gonna get caught in the crossfire.  The price of self employment.


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