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Re: after the immigration law.......

By current conditions and historic reality you are right. We cannot allow open borders with a neighbor that runs its country through corruption and disrespect for the law on either side of the border.

They're screaming for the liberal answer.

But if practiced in a context of law enforcement,  They are not so wrong.....But our democratic leadership has practiced living above and around the law for decades.

The total screwup on this is the lack of respect for law pervasive in the liberal mindset.

IMO  The pathway to open borders runs directly through law enforcement and respect for the law.  Concepts that are foreign to Socialists and Mexico.  


Then it becomes attainable at least in a "respect for a neighbor" way.  

the mindset of liberal leadership of being above the law and living the self-righteous standard of situational ethics "trumping" every law, means civilization breaks down to bribery (or the donation to my political foundation.)


It is not hard to see how our southern neighbors become illegal immigrants..... When $50 in the hand of a policeman or local "lawyer" is the answer to solving every legal problem all of their live, why would a person not believe that an officer of the law or local official in mexico cannot sell legal US documents for $1,800.  Or assume the same rules apply in the US.  Just watch TV.... In many respects we pass laws and then abuse them in similar ways.  Political correctness keeps the corruption door open and in use.

People are not stupid.  Only those who believe people are stupid are.  example.... The appeal for cash through sick animal pictures.... has gone on for years because it works..... and we all know that money goes to politicians, it is an open example of corruption in america just like in Mexico.... 



The way we pass laws to help american labor like disability laws ---- will advertise against false claims in public, but not contest the abuse of the law within our federal government agencies employees.

The abuses have been obvious to the general public.  Over time, I don't think there has been a labor department or other agency department locally that has not had employees on disability.

I witnessed one myself in a living room as I walked behind her..... Across the empty room, out the door down the stairs and across the parking lot, waved goodbye as she drove away.  

I found out two years later she had filed a claim of twisting her ankle on the carpet in that room and gone on disability.  A housing inspector for the H2A program.... In 4 years we had 4 different inspectors and two of them filed disability claims that were uncontested.  The other one claimed to have blown out his knee walking up some stairs at his office building.


The way federal inspections are "tolerable" to packing plants if they take UN refugees.  Our neighbors and the public sees it for what it is.  

The way we create unnecessary jobs at the airports and new government agencies for the illusion of security and disallow profiling or background searches.

The way we allow bigotry abainst some religious groups and defend the rights of others...


Corruption control and law inforcement are basic to any advancement in civilization.  Way too many americans don't want to live by any rules, but want to write rules for the rest of the world... the ultimate corruption.