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Re: Trump changed his mind.

That was a wall of inprisonment,  this is a wall of self defense..



It is not the right answer, but the public would not tolerate a good answer.  We are being invaded by two different self declared enemies.


The illegal drug and corruption answer is complicated and difficult.  

I would go for the lefts legalization of all drugs,  If we could get distribution in lethal doses.  And stop paying for the epidemic with federal funds and believing in rehabilitation (too often it is just facilitation-- a scam on the loving public).  We need to create a reason to say No.  We need for those addicted to understand the load on society created and there is a choice that is wise and a choice that destroys.


Enforcing the law will always be opposed by those who break it.



But on the wall ------- We cannot have an open border with Mexico like we do with Canada.


Mexico is a mess no matter what the size of its GDP.  It will continue to insure that half it's population lives in poverty and violent corruption.  Not only do you have to control the have to have a border.

If your neighbors kids are gang members will you allow them to come and go in your house?

That is where we are.