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are you better off than 4 yrs ago

closing price bu corn $3.675

closing price bu beans $9.770

price of one acre farmland

S&P 500 closed @ 802.55

Gee I wonder how many will vote thier pocketbook



FOUR MORE YEARS of this guy wouldn't life on the farm be great what ya all think????

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Re: are you better off than 4 yrs ago

You have a faulty conclusion.


I have been better off every four years than I was 4 years before that since 1982. That is 7 1/2  4 year slices.


Based on your method I want GW back as his last year in office was my best ever single year.


That's what I think. (remember you asked)

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BA Deere
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Re: are you better off than 4 yrs ago

Did Obama cause the worst drought since the 1930`s?    Hmmmm maybe     Yeah 4 more years!!..4 more years!!  Well, for those of us that had a decent crop anyway and those of us that didn`t have to buy feed, I would imagine that would get kind of old.

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Re: are you better off than 4 yrs ago

The pocketbook isn't the only or most important criteria when evaluating such things in life.  Unlike many people mindlessly claim today, it isn't just about the economy.  Never has been.  Never will.  I think of the words of Jesus Christ where he says, "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his own soul? or What can a man give in exchange for his soul?"

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Re: Yeah! Four years ago

Our economy was in free fall. People were losing jobs at a 750K clip per month. Banks were locked up or nearly so. Money was hard to come by even by the strongest bank statements.


People are being hired now and recovery is on the move. Home sales are picking up to some extent. Tulsa is building houses, banks, shopping centers, churches, hospitals, exercise centers, resturants and strip malls.


Tulsa decided not to participate in the great recession any more.


Personal financial health has greatly improved. Not because of appreciating assets but because of debt retirement. Taking advantage of great prices to pay off the real estate mortgages with after tax income. 


Children and grand children employed or getting educated. Most of them doing both at the same time. One with a new nursing degree and another with an A&P license. Two more in nursing training.


Look around you and appreciate what you have. You could be experiencing the perils of those on the east coast with horrid prospects for a short term recovery. Maybe there will be some construction jobs available.for those that need them.




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Re: are you better off than 4 yrs ago

Find myself reminded that my father got $9 for soybeans in the mid-seventies, if I recall his statement right.  I was married and moved out on my own by then, and thus was not intimately involved in his farming operation anymore. 


If that's anywhere near accurate, we all now what came next....


As for the initial question, I am quite sure we are much better off on the bottom line of a balance sheet now than four years ago, if just because of the devalued dollar, and how that relflects in all of our real property assets' values alone.  That is a mixed bag, but generally, overall way up in value.   


Housing values have declined somewhat,   but really not enough to matter more than a decimal point on our worth calculation.  More of our worth is in land, rather than what's built on it.  Land prices are way up...which is a lot due to devaluation of the dollar, I believe.   


I do not count that as "better off," because we would have to sell to realize the increase.  Every dollar we'd realize, if we did sell,  has much less buying power. 


I have had a strange day, follwed a link to a Reagan video someone posted on FB, whihc put me on youtube.  Somehow, I fell down a rabbit's hole into a lot of akes on odd's amazing what's out there.  Not much optimism, lots of scary scenarios.  I was left with a strong desire to re-read 1984....

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Re: are you better off than 4 yrs ago

That's why I'll vote for the christian.


Actually not true- I'm voting for the jewish girl but if I was voting for one of the major party candidates I would.


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Red Steele
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What is your share of the National Debt today??? Miinisota

How about your share of other unfunded liablities??? Do you have the reserves to pay off your share?


How about the millions that have negative net you have the ablility to pay off their debts, too?


Better save some more money and get ready , then, big spender.

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Re: What is your share of the National Debt today??? Miinisota

The national debt will be managed in the same manner as always with inflation for the large financial institutions --- soon the 47 % will be 57% and so on with the talking heads doing more of the same ---lets see who is the first volunteer to step up to the plate and write a check for their share of the national or state debt --- any takers on either side of the political isle ?     

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Re: are you better off than 4 yrs ago

It's unfortunate, but neither major party this year is offering us the kind of leader this nation needs.  We need someone to who has the morals and convictions about them to truly do what is best for our children and grandchildren.


I understand what you're saying:  Romney is obviously not a Christian by his own admission, for those who are willing to acknowledge the fact that Mormonism and historical orthodox Biblical Christianity are not anywhere close to being one and the same.  I would also argue that Obama isn't a Christian either.  He may say he is, but words are cheap.  His actions both before and after the beginning of his presidency have betrayed that over and over again.  Again, I think of the words of Jesus Christ, who said "These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me".  And by the heart here he was referring to their true character as evidenced by their actions.


What is Obama?  is he a Muslim?  Don't know for sure, but he's certainly not a Bible-believing Christian.  His brand of Christianity is very fraudulent by Biblical standards.  If you need examples, I'll be happy to reply, but I think you're smart enough to know what I'm saying.

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