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be careful...... flu

We are in the political health care a family doctor is not an easy find for most of us..... and maybe the snow cover is protecting you to the north...


But do not hesitate to seek help for nausea or cough of flu like symptoms..... there have been a few deaths across the southern states... this round is a little meaner than last month. 


Be careful out there.

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BA Deere
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Re: be careful...... flu

The following is for satirical purposes*  I understand some people don`t do good with the flu and apparently some people are allergic to peanuts   Smiley Frustrated??


But I love the flu!  You`re sick 24hrs and lose 20lbs...Hip Hop Abs can`t do that.  You`re sick 24hrs and over it and feel skinny and gaunt and wonder how to keep it off, then you`re appetite comes back Smiley Sad 



But a stupid cold lasts 10 days and you feel like crap and you rest and eat and probably gain weight.


I remember I had the flu once and concrete trucks came that morning and I had to work through it.  "It" was coming out both ends, to this day I look at that concrete slab and just wonder if it`s really 4,000lb concrete  Smiley Happy


But no, everybody get your flu shots and wash your hands and all that good stuff.  

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