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big M soybean rebates?

the $6 warrant have to use a branded RR product to get it, right?


Otherwise, it would be free product even if you weren't intending on using it this year, right?


Was looking for information online, and can't find anything that really says what the deal is.


I am kind of leery on rebate offers after getting burned a number of times.


Liberty/Bayer still owes me $700 that they refused to pay even though I bought the product, jumped through the hoops, and even called customer service to complain. Never planted any Liberty  seed after that....they would have been money ahead to have paid me what they owed me.


Thinking that the big M rebates end up the same but maybe they take customer relations more seriously.


Another one was buck knives....bought a $30 hunting knife with a $15 rebate...$15 was high priced enough, but they sent me a letter saying I filled out the rebate other explanation or recourse. Still don't like that knife and would never buy another.

 Sure wasn't worth $30.


Retailers, if you promise something....make sure you deliver. My two cents.

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Re: big M soybean rebates?

I have used rebate offers, but don't really like them.  Why do I have to send in a form?  Just knock the money off the price. 


If I really want that item I'll buy it regardless of the rebate, and if it's not worth the time and effort I'll ignore it.  It's very rare for me to buy something that requires a mail-in or online form rebate.

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Re: big M soybean rebates?

This may help.  Go to CROP TALK then down to MONSANTO GIVES CASH TO USE DICAMA.

My plans are to switch to Liberty soon.  Did it kill the weeds for you?

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Re: big M soybean rebates?

I used Liberty for the last four years I raised soybeans and am not happy with it.  I applied it in consultation with ISU extension agents and their top weed scientists.  I applied it by the book, full rate, at the right time, etc.  Sprayed it myself so I know exactly what went where.   I ended up with waterhemp escapes in August.  I was really, really unhappy with Liberty.


Does that mean I'll use glyphosate or glufosinate with my 2018 soybeans?  I haven't decided yet.  I'm leaning to going back to glyphosate.  No dicamba for me.  The way the new label rules are, dicamba is no longer a rescue treatment and that is what I have been needing.



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Re: big M soybean rebates?

I used LL beans and Liberty last year for 1st time. Fields much cleaner than previous few years. Using it again for 18.  Around here, RU was only reliably getting the grass, and if other products didn't get the weeds in same pass, nothing would get them, and trying was money wasted.  With Liberty, still had some bigger weeds come back, and areas with thin bean stands were weedy, but much cleaner than past few years.  Could have come back with a 2nd pass of Liberty, but decided not to do it.  Dicamba-tolerant beans would allow me to plant sooner after burn-down, plus the defense-against-others issue.  Not sure if in-season dicamba application is something I want to risk yet, even if it is legal, and other than Liberty, haven't had very good luck with other products in-season past few years.  I guess if/when Palmer Amaranth shows up, that's enough to put me on the dicamba list, unless there other economically viable options.


Dicamba in burndown -- neighbors have been using, and have killed out all my persimmon trees near field boundary.  Haven't had any apples, peaches, apricots nor English walnuts past few years either, so those trees must be fairly sensitive, though 50-75 yards from the boundary.  Of course, this past year, there were peaches on the trees, but got eaten up by Japanese beetles.  A friend of mine lost all the little oak trees in his yard after tenant sprayed adjoining field, and wasn't too happy about it -- trees were planted probably 7-10 years ago.

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Re: big M soybean rebates?

while we would like to go full no till, the weed mix, such as marestail, is preventing it, sure, you can mix up a cocktail that if

sprayed early, will get stuff, but look at the cost......think it might be cheaper to run over it with a disk, which some will say

bring up more weeds !!


I think we'll give everything a chance to come up, then hit with a disk, and then go in with a pre.  I can see pro's and con's of

the system, I don't like the idea of loosing water, but the constant cost of chemical, and application, of around $8 an acre,

just how many times are you going to run out there !!!


for good, bad or indifferent, looking at the soil moisture, the subsoil moisture, and the weather charts for the coming year,

I think for as, let stuff come up, hit it with a disk, then pre herbicide, plant RR1 (a couple that were not tops the last

couple of years but in the top 15%, and much cheaper, put a little liquid phos in row (you can use 66% of what soil

test say, since it is applied in row, another cost savings), then to go back over with roundup.


liberty......yes it can control some thing, but remember, must be small, and best if not drought stressed.......


both difficult to deal with in this area.


to give you an idea of what i'm looking at:


seed  $25 to $30 a bag

pre herb  from $9 to $15 depending on what's used

glyphos with some stuff added in to make it work better $4

phos applied at planting $12

soybean inoc (we do it ourselves)  75 cents a bag


so fixed are $50.75 to $61.75


yes, need to figure in a disking, a couple times over with the sprayer, cutting and hauling and insurance.


but, for what I do it for, is what i'm being quoted for just a sack of liberty, or rr2 or dicamba seed...nothing else.

in our area, where it is so dry, it doesn't matter about the genetics in the bag, you've got  to have rain, and

if you have rain, most soybeans will do ok


fyi on the milo much the same story


generic Lexar  $18 or less  (if you do your own mixing, lowest I've seen yet, $14.66 ac)

seed and seed treatment (yes we put on our own insecticide)  6.05

phos with seed  $12 ac


nitrogen....we have switched to urea, but working with the suppliers today on NH3 is becoming a pain

so, just figure about 40 cents a pound of N, however many pounds of n you need.


again, we'll run over once with disk, to get some of the weeds and work in urea, then apply the pre herb, plant, then

cut and haul in...whatever that will cost.  Than add insurance.





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Re: big M soybean rebates?

elcheapo, I think you have something and if we get much more weed pressure, we may see more farmers increasing their tillage.


I'll probably use my 16' rototiller (Sidewinder) this spring, but the problem is it is slow - max 3 mph or you are walking it on top of the ground.  I set it to go no more than 2" deep.



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Re: big M soybean rebates?

jim I've been doing some reading and thinking.....if this drought continues, at least where we are might be wise

not to open the soil.....if so, we will go with some glyphos, and some good, old fashioned 24d, a couple of weeks before

planting.  it would be wonderful to put it on with the pre........but I've seen where the people run out a little since it was trying

to control stuff that was up, I want "full power", to do it's best during pre.


i'm going with the old stuff, like 24d because it's cheap, and I know it........who knows, might even throw in some generic banvil

but it has to be put on a month before and an inch of rain before planting.........not sure we'll get that.



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