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big land rental opportunity

already feel like I am farming about all I want, but I had an investor contact me that has 1280 acres of land 20 mi away from me all for rent and is buying more every year.  I farm with 3 partners now and would have to talk them into it.  this land isnt quite as good as everything I have now and the rent is high but definately an opportunity to make alot of money the way corn price is.  Would probably just hire custom harvestors to harvest it, do everything else with our own equipment.  I am real comfortable with my finances now and would hate to screw that up if this went wrong.   Still dont know what my crop insurance quarantee would be.   Is it worth sticking ones neck out if you dont need too?  I looked at the land and its just quarter after quarter for about  5 miles very impressive with some gaps in it.  let me know what you think, thanks