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Re: board members responsibility to coop

Nebr & Kraft,


Good stuff.  This is a much tougher question than a quick and easy answer.


There are some absolutes.

Coops much be competitive-------------if board member paytronization has to be 100% to survive--go ahead and close the doors.


Coop Board Members #1 job is profitability of the coop.  Not their personal service and irregardless of their personal business success.  IMO---- often there are better board members in the nonfarm business community than among patrons----with better financial or accounting knowledge.  #2 job is to hire good managers.  #3 job is to let the manager manage.


Coops need to participate in changing markets a farming styles.

Coops can not ignore the business of the larger producers in the community.  Nor can coops demand 100% of it.  They lose either way.

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