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crop insurance proposal

In light of the present federal budget situation i would propose this cutting measure. I say end all revenue insuring products and go back to the old multi-peril or bushel guarantee. this would come at a much lower subsidy and should be easier to implement. It is my contention that the revenue gurantee coverages have done much to increase consolidation of farming operations because we are taking away too much of the risk. I contend that these coverages have caused unrealistic rental offers, too.  These RP coverages(and their corresponding premium subsidy)  would seem to be almost too good to be true, from a taxpayer standpoint.  Also we have seen people raising crops not because they are suited to the region, but because one crop may have better revenue guarantee than the crops that are more traditionally planted  in those regions. Let's go back to farming and not farming the federal insurance teat. We're all becoming 47 percenters.

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