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food riots and government policies

I found this interesting


According to them it is not so much the prices as the perception of unfair dealing.

Farm groups may want to take notice so that the producer is portrayed fairly.

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
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Re: food riots and government policies

It's not a bad idea for producers to educate the public and consumer.  The emotional issue will be the food vs. fuel argument that is put forward by some.  It has a way of focusing attention on farmers when the food prices are much more affected by the processor and retailers.

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Re: food riots and government policies

   Try to get the media to report the facts, not hype.  Even conservative Fox news hates ehtanol.   I have never heard the media mention DDG's or corn oil being removed during the process.  To them, once corn enters an ethanol plant it's gone from the consumer.

   I've become a regular viewer of Larry Kudlow on CNBC.  He was in Reagans OMB.  He dislikes high commodity prices and a weak dollar.  The more I watch his show and hear tidbits here and there of his views during his time in gummint the more I realize that it was possibly people like him in Reagans inner circle that led to the 80's farm crisis.  While I am not in favor of most of Obamas policies I gotta admit that he sure is making us some good dough.

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