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fsa viral infection.


Read this article and try to understand  the level of condescending invasion into peoples lives it entails.  bureaucracy never stops or evaluates itself.  

I just went through another one---- where an elderly owner only surviving child  and her operator I have represented for over 60 years get dressed down by bureaucratic nonsense.... 

She lived to be 100+, outliving her daughter and relying on her son the last 20 years for assistance.  The son and the opperator had usda POA authority for well more than those 20 years, but she handled her business into her late 90's.  Those POA's were invalidated by FSA several times over the years, every time fsa employees decided to redefine the terms and require a new one.  They knew her son by name.  -----Finishing her time in her home.  A mentor to me and a friend she was.

She owned 2 dry land quarters in sw ks. and 4 small rental houses in a rural town outside of some savings and a healthy amount of independent pride (she had inherited one quarter where she had grown up, and her bookkeeping salary  bought her brothers quarter and the houses, over a long life of dedication

Last month her son was blamed in the fsa office for not notifying them of her death and the changes in ownership since she died three years ago.  It was a lie..... I had notified them, He had notified them, but documentation provided was never enough.  She had left written will copies as to who would inherit each quarter of land.  Her son and her daughters only child-- now approaching 60.

FSA's local authority, directed by state level advisors, required the court document showing the settlement of the estate.  A slow lawyer and title work on 4 small houses took well over three years to get the estate closed.  Meanwhile fsa continued to send threatening letters and restricted their participation in farm programs.  At one point even threatening the tennent with loss and payback of farm program benefits they recieved as their share on that farm and others,  if proper documentation was not presented.  We quietly handled it with patience because he and I both reminded ourselves that we had known at least 9 others manage that office in our years of association...... and we will meet the next one at some point.

When ground changes hands it becomes investment property IMO.  The person who plants the crop and harvests the crop is still a farmer.  Yet usda fights to keep all owners involved and counted as independent "farmers", because they are afraid that the low number of actual farms involved will hurt their job retention and budget requests.  Yet the political organizations they support and take money from continually pit the small owner against the operator (who manages land for several of them) as the small and big farmers.  

usda works into a farmers life like a drug intended to help them with a goal of addiction to maintain demand for their services.  The side effects are more than a bad twitch.   

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