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garbage bag

We tried to use garbage bags for harvesting, but after the plastic laws passed, we're worried that we'll have to use something else. How do you deal with these restrictions? There are good bags for trash and sharp objects.

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Re: garbage bag

We have the same problem. We’ve always been using plastic wisely as we are well aware of its harm to our planet, but it’s still hard to find an alternative for it. The only option is to use as little plastic as we can, IMO. For example, we use special bags that are resistant to sharp objects. It helps us reduce the amount of plastic we use. We also reduce plastic waste, which is good for the environment.

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Re: garbage bag

It is a crazy snafu........ We live next to a regional land fill that gets a lot of regional trash delivery.

Yet the county and city that is building a range of "foothills" demands that all trash picked up local be delivered in plastic bags.  Which turns out to be lots of plastic stuck into lots of plastic.  The biodegradability has to be super low.  

It is as foolish as using abortion for birth control. 

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