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Re: healthcare it and weep

Obamacare is what destroyed healthcare, it wasn`t that bad pre-2009, but this broken promise of adding 39 million uninsured on the backs of healthy young people and then making membership in this travesty a mandatory obligation ..."it`s not a tax it`s not a tax....oh it`s a tax!" Well too late now, all the bridges to the good old days have been burned. People`s premiums have DOUBLE and TRIPLED and deductibles have went up.


Half the country doesn`t pay federal income tax and they don`t give a crap and the half of us that are taxed enough already are looking for any kind of relief.  But the old workable plans are gone, some companies gone, the previous president destroyed healthcare.


Yesterday Rush explained this "pre-existing conditions"..see that`s welfare, that is what it is welfare.   My crop insurance guy had a meeting a few years ago and said "You can buy hail insurance all summer long...BUT don`t call me from your machine shed in July with the hail pounding down on your roof expecting to sign up on a hail insurance policy"...That explains it pretty well, people stuff themselves with Big Macs and get sick and think they have some "birthright" to signup for reasonable health insurance with hail pounding on the roof.   People do not get the concept of how insurance works, it isn`t some sugar daddy that gives you his AMT card and pin number.