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Re: healthcare it and weep

BA  -  You  might tread carefully when you discuss insurance premium   ''  subsidy's ''  or  ''crop care  subsidy's ''  -  W O W  


I have purposed the following


1 - Insurance would be averaged and coverage be expedited to each state's Congressional  Rep's with the same coverage as Nancy P.  or  Joni E   or  Chuck G. or  Ben Sasse  coverage ---


2- Medicare would end  with your ''' medicare premium's paid  '''  refunded  - to each individual  at  double  or  triple the amount  paid in and  NO  MORE  MEDICARE  or  MEDI-CADE  and maybe all religious organization's assume the responsibility and financial burdens of the fore mentioned---


3 All  Big Mack , Chick NugGut , French FriE ,  SoFt drink ,  - vendors be under the same regs. the bar tenders are subject to - if one  '' appears ''  intoxicated no more service - if one  '' appears''  to  have  '' extra '' body mass '' NO more''  as  some  would  say  '' fat food '' and if observed serving a  OVERINDULGED patron responsible for the health care premium the next biennium fiscal of affore mention offence date ---


4 These caricatures will be updated after the law's inception - EXCEPT, LB- 1     and  LB-2   could  be  raised  or  lowered as needed to help off set cost's of operation's of the  '' Medical Industrial Complex '' --  LB-3  would  have  say  a 10  year  sunset  clause - maybe ?