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Re: healthcare it and weep

ElCheapo we all die, no one gets out of here alive, I don`t want machinery hooked up pumping my lungs and heart keeping me in a vegetative state, but all that crap is high priced.  my grandparents and your grandparents got by fine without it.  Never met my one grandma she died of Leukemia, the other grandma lived to about 90 both grandpas in their 80`s.  My folks made it to about 80.  But we have all this high priced machinery to keep people alive, but they have a poor quality of life (not one that I would want) and this cost is amortized over everyone`s cost...basically we can`t afford it and don`t want to admit it.   It was probably a blessing that we didn`t have the high tech stuff a number of years ago and didn`t have the moral dilemma of having to use it.   If there was one small good thing about Obamacare was it brought the discussion of "How much should we have to spend to keep a heart beating?  $1million...$5 million? $10 million?" .   People die and if Jesus is your Savior, that is a good thing...get the hell out of here  Smiley Happy


But these high priced drugs and their side effects on tv they run ads for miracle drugs followed by ads to sue drug makers because of the side effects they didn`t tell you about and if you take them, you just live 10 years longer in a $6,000/mo nursing thank you! 


Eat good food, avoid Pork (for your own good) take vitamins, treat yourself with herbs, brush and floss your teeth and get plenty of sunshine and exercise and that`s better than all the hospitals and insurance  and drugs and all that damned crap, if you die you die and you will so know Jesus.