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Re: healthcare it and weep


I agree the horse is out of genie's bottle....... there was and is only one option...... the 270 with a good scope....


The most scary words we here is a politician saying "fix it" or "replace it"... you don't fix bad legislation.

kill it and let the private sector pick up the pieces....

It is the only chance to see drug or medical expenses go down.....  The gorilla middle man drives the price of everything up...


There are millions of people who do not qualify for insurance, so what else is new......  no government action is going to change that.


this read reminds me of two fat folks on either side of the isle in a plane taking up three seats each and arguing about what part of their diet caused their problems...... Ever see that argument about too many marathons causing my weight program.

Yet even on here we will ignore the things that really turn muscle to fat....lack of use.....

It is not what they eat but what they do and doing nothing but eating is interesting but "doing nothing" is the clue.


we wont even evaluate without scapegoating......Congressmen sure won't look at 30 million uninsured people and honestly evaluate why.


We are just trying to find ways to increase this welfare spending with new titles ............ just another tax..... and hopefully keep the fat folks marching and not shooting.. and notice how the number of poor declined from ww2 until the late 60's but as we ramped up social welfare spending the number stopped going down.

Government pays people to remain in poverty.    We make life easier and food free....


We will form a committee to evaluate hamburgers but never our own actions...