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Re: House passes healthcare bill

Well BA is going to need some healthcare....rabid elcheapo kind of worked on his rear end, which I am sorry for.  I hope he will be able

to set without using his inner tube in a couple of days.

Healthcare is a very charged's a life and death issue.  I personally know at least 6 transplant people, and transplants

are expensive, and so is the aftercare and medications.

As far as old age, I know several 90 year olds, and one over 100 years.  and all of them look forward to the next sunrise.

The whole things boils down to this, most people are covered by where they work, then another part has government care,

such as medicare, medicade or that leaves 20 to 25%.

its amazing the insurance company claims that it's so high for this 20%.....but one could say that the "remainder" is a group

in and of itself.

This idea of placing surcharges on people is silly.....$5000 for a diabetic...$140,000 for the person with advanced cancer.

also news coming out that the new plans may not be required to have even emergency treatment, hospitalization, medications,

labs, outpatient care........that IS healthcare !!!

This Washington bunch didn't really solve anything, just made even more people fearful.....they should run it thru a committee,

and reps need to be having town hall meetings an talk to people, and get their input...rather than some back room agreement

that is rushed to be voted on.

And with all the headache and worry.....they have not done one thing yet, to lower medical costs.


I for one am will pay your premium then surcharge....I have several major how much more

$1000 to $2000 more per month, I cant afford that per month.......but I have several things wrong that could pop up its

head at any time, be in excess of $100,000.....I would have no other choice but to start to sell ground.

This does seem to be a political state, Kansas, was one of the few states that didn't take the fed funds to

fund medicade.......we just didn't have it, and people is the most ironic, but most spooky thing......the

top ten states that have the most pre-existing people are the same one's trump carried.......Kansas is number 10 and

he carried it hook, line and sinker.....

nope, i'm upset......and to know that it was a political problem just makes it worse.