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Re: House passes healthcare bill

Whatever you might`ve said isn`t any problem ElCheapo, I assure you I`ll be sitting a lot today.  But with this healthcare people want their cake, eat it too...and not get fat. And that ain`t gonna work, if you look at countries around the world, they are healthier, live longer and they don`t have access to all that high priced medical machinery and drugs that some of you feel are so necessary.  But I can tell you they don`t have rows and rows in every town of drive through, deep fried in Canola oil fast food joints, their grocery stores don`t have scooters and aisles devoted to candy bars and Lil Debbie and Twinkies.  "Prevention" is something this country is sorely lacking and to make up for 30 years of bad behavior with miracle pills and gastric bypass operations doesn`t heal it.


With the Unafforable Healthcare Act, it was passed by only Democrats, the whole country was given the finger and now after the bridges are burned "Trumpcare" is about the only easy bailing wire fix, without going totally medieval, which is what we really should do.   Blame should be laid at Obama and the Democrats for not passing a bipartisan healthcare bill, even if it took a year or two longer, because look where we are today???


My Conservative friends say "let Obamacare fail, then start from scratch!" well, that`d be ideal, but Republicans would still get the blame for just letting it crash.  Truth of the matter is Obamacare was a stepping stone to complete socialized medicine, it had an expiration date and was designed to eventually fail, it`s just Republicans are too smart to go the socialist route.   Though the Pre-existing conditions remain, but I suppose it pert near has to.



This is how arrogant they are, all you need to know here: