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healthcare it and weep

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my god


50 and older will see their rates 5 times higher than the 30 year benchmark

we are allowing caps on get sick....and you THOUGHT you had insurance

giving a $2000 credit....that means you'll be paying at least $2000 more

Yes, pre-exisiting will be allowed....but you will be rated !

you will not be able to get a comprehensive policy.....many things can be cut out.

your state now makes a lot of decisions ((oh my god we're dead in this state...our gov doesn't think poor people need insurance...

they can die.....and they have))


this is an utter and complete disaster.


I had several of my stupid republic fiends going nuts........thinking this was wonderful.


I swear I am  surrounded by stupid people.


i'm sorry, I've did a lot of reading and work on the subject, and I am one of those with pre-existing conditions, and in the 50 plus

class.........i'm having enough trouble sleeping now.........looks like i'll be up all night tonight.


these people in Washington have no clue what they are doing to us out here, and could care less


*****i'm sorry folks,  I've worked on the link, that is what the  address shows, but the link is no good, sorry, but

you really need to read it, you might need to search it.....yes folks, i'm sick from it tonight.