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hey ida!

i'll give you an open invitation to visit my pallacial (hell i don't know how to spell it) estate down here in hoosierland and i'll even be here! we can ride my kubota lawn mower over my 250 acres chase some squirrells and go out and hit the stupid white tail deer with tater guns! then we can talk about the fabulous ROI i got when i took dad's old co-op hay rake he paid $50 bucks for in 1966 and took it to the scrap yard and got $55 for it !  I'll bet you cant wait to see my new 2001 hybrid chevy truck--it;s part pickup and part gas hog--the latest technology!

We haven't built a new addition to the house unfortunately cause my wife said she would have to clean up my mess in there too but we did put a new roof on the barn that will make your eyes bug out! And the dead grass over the leach fingers is really quaint especially this time of year!

so come on down and if you pitch in for gas (pickup gets 12 MPG) we'll run up to ECIN's place and bug the hell out of him

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