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Re:Great return on investment

I don't have a dog in this fight, but been reading where rsw has been called a fraud, liar along with other things.Maybe you can put this to rest at end of the week. I know what I would do if someone called me a liar and fraud. Rsw has been acoused of so much bs by some notiable people on this sight.

Rsw does put out some good information on this sight, many times to many repeats, and a few landlords and future landlords read this sight. Look what the average Illinois  cash rent is, Iowa about the same. Cash rent from below 200 to 260 catches quit a bit of it. quit a bit of money made from cash rent.  I bought land in 80's, 90's, and 2000's and timing is important.

Now for roi for rsw.. I read on here where one poster wanted to bet a million, on yields, I think I could be wrong. So maybe you could bet a million or an 80 for an 80 if not that I am sure they would put a hundred grand up knowing they know more about you than you do. Or a measley 10,000 from all the notiable people on here that thinks you are full of bs. What a RIO for someone in a few days time.

I am pretty sure idelivered is an up standing person and could verify it.


Oh by the way I notice you catch the devil for inheriteing farm land. I also read, where those accousing you, where grampa or dad, when talking about dads or grampas tractor, farm, homeplace, house, or they use to feed cattle, The ones accousing you of a little help, I am sure they will not leave their kids anything when the time comes.


I know people who inherited farms and lost it and I also know of people who built on the foundation they inherited. Also know people who started with nothing and have done very well.


faraway asked a question about custom farming and had some good response and some not so good. If you want to keep your farm in tip top shape along with productivity you will want the top farmers in the area and may have to pay a primium for the job.

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