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Re: Re:Great return on investment

I've never had an issue with Fairy Tale being a businessman. If he's done even 1/2 of what he has told us about a million times, he has done well. His constant preaching of the 1980's "Farm Crisis" is monotone and I don't believe anyone wants to hear about it again, but I'm sure we'll hear it in nearly every single one of his comments in some fashion. His consistent jaw flapping about robbing the tax payers of every dime he can get and then brag about banking $800+/acre gives everyone in production agriculture a bad name. He has never done any of his own work to my knowledge so naturally he wouldn't see the image he is portraying. IMO, what he is saying is a disrespect to the entire agriculture community and a slap in the face to the tax payer. If he wants us to respect him as a "Farmer" and as a contributor to this site, he is going to need to meet us at least half way. I'm not the only one who feels this way, but I'm probably the only one who posts my thoughts. There are many more contributors that were familiar with him from a different site (from which Fairy Tale was banned) and nearly 100% of them have nothing good to say about him. If he wants us to respect him the way he feels he is justified, he will need to change his approach and change it quickly. I have already heard his life history several times, don't need to hear it anymore. Just for the record, we have lost a few very valuable contributors because of him, if this site wants to maintain its integrity, it cannot lose any more.
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