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idialivered- Got your cell phone number

idialivered- The other thread was getting pretty long, so I started another one so we don't get mixed up or not see a post regarding our Iowa meeting. Let's switch to using this thread to talk and arrange our meeting. I got your phone number so I will call it this afternoon and we can arrange our meeting for you to see my farm operation. I might have a broken drainage tile I need to check out too and it is smack in the middle of my largest farm and that corn field is a mile long!!!! You don;t have to walk with me a 1/2 a mile into the field to check out the possible brokem drain tile. But you obviously know how important drain tiles are on Iowa farmland. Also I need to check out some of my Tin Cans and the corn dryers to make sure it is ready for harvest. These Tin Cans are older and hold only 40,000 bushels or so. Anyway, I am looking forward to meeting you and showing you my Iowa Farm Operation. To have another guy to talk farming with will be a real treat, as mentioned I live in the Twin Cities and none of our big city friends here own farmland. It will be a real treat to have someone to talk farming with. I don't have any buildings on my farms, so just raw land. As you know in Iowa one of the 1st things you do when buying a farm is bulldoze any houses or old buildings to plant corn. To sum up. I will call your phone number this afternoon.