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interesting article on cbc on US farm bill

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Re: interesting article on cbc on US farm bill

That article was discussed here at SF a few days ago.  At Ag Forum:




and also on this Farm Business forum, as a part of this discussion:

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Re: interesting article on cbc on US farm bill

It would seem that the additional revenue enhancements are a clear violation of WTO via the Brazil/Cotton precedent. The crop insurance subsidies probably are too although laundering the money through private corporations proably makes it a more complicated case to make.


A bit hilarious that the bribe that the US paid to Brazil to buy out their suit got eliminated by the sequester.


Maybe this is why we were eavesdropping on Roussef's communications? Either that or we were making sure they weren't going to invade Bolivia.


I keep thinking that a big blowback against the empire will come from somwhere, sometime. Probably not from the Harper government, though.


Maybe "we" have a better handle on this thing than I think but I'm 100% sure that the lobbyists who wrote and passed this bill are totally heedless to any broader consequences.



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