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ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

Boys (and girls), hold on, this is what a
Senate bill would do....and it has support!

As several said.."this will make rates equal."

The state claims it would generate $173 million.

I think that is a very low number. A quick
Calculation on one county alone disproved
That amount.

Welcome to kansas

No schools in small towns
Can kill babies
Can't drink until 21
Can't hold Raffles
The state retirement fund is now called
A hedge fund by the wall street journal.
Where the tax bill on an acre of pasture
Will be over $20 an acre.

Anyone have either a Spanish or French
Hooked on phonics I can barrow?
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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

Indiana is almost as screwed up as Kansas but not because they aren't trying. A few of the recent actions here may remove you from the top spot in national news.


But as far as farmland goes, t is actually a pretty fair system , with a statewide indexed base rate X a soil productivity factor (from the maps) X local millage. Larry DeBoer at Purdue, and others, have provided some pretty good advice to state government and thus far they've been willing to listen to the longhairs.


Base rate has doubled since 2007, reflecting the rise in values. It is a lagging indicator so will probably triple even if prices level off. Some ag heavy districts have been able to cut millage rates with the increased assessment, others haven't.


But I doubt that there will be much constituency for changing the statewide formula. One of the downsides to booming land values.



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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

This subject reminds me of the fact my grandfather lost 40 acres in the depression. He was lucky to have no debt but couldn't pay the taxes on all his holdings. A brother-in-law bought it then sold it back to him later.
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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

Do you suppose the increased real estate taxes are the solution to Governor Brownbacks free for all tax cuts for the Koch brothers and the like? Aint trickle down wonderful? The only thing trickling is the tax bill from the affluent to the lower middle class. Gotto pay for those schools some how and if Koches don't pay it then you have to.


Cutting taxes seems like a great idea until you find out you aren't included in the beneficiaries.

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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

the taxes are going up because of the increase in property values and the school's decision not to do any cuts in spending
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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

Well a fairly intelligent farmer in western
Ks used the proposed method...he pays
$60,000 in property tax..under the new
scheme..his tax bill will be $305,000

Put that in your excel spreadsheet!

They need it for schools.

Just how many $100,000 grayhound buses
Do they need. Local district just made a
$1,000,000 addition to grade school, when
Class size continue to be smaller

Understand these people are educating
Our kids!

This same twit introduced a bill last year
That would have only increased property
Taxes 169%

Oh well remember 30 years ago the attnory
General was raided bingo games at vfw
And legion halls, and even a few church's.

After 85 years granny is behind bars, her
And her gang would terrorized the town
Riding in packs on their electric scooters,
And hanging at at their gangs hangout in
The basement of the our lady of unending
Help church
How many seniors did they take advantage
Of with their illegal bingo game.
And if not bad enough having an illegal game
But how they selflessly too every dime made
And give it to the thugs that operated
The foodbank.

I guess I need to decide if I would rather
Have a warm or cold climate in my old

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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

Are they gonna hang signs on the border that say  "closed" with all that money?  sounds like a land-grab to me.  Maybe Kansas is where all the Bildeberger group is gonna hang out for a while.

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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

nwobcw  -  running the schools went up 472% ? ? ?

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Re: drop all property tax, drop the Income tax ( federal and state ),

and simply run on a 2% national sales tax ( on  Everything sold ) for the private sector.


btw, everything sold to the govt charges a 6% sales tax.


afore seems a touch honest and simply for the usa to understand.  MO.




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Re: ks ag real estate property tax 472% increase

Our farm taxes are only doubling.
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